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A few times recently, we’ve been asked the question: I’m starting a new blog, which platform should I use?

Of the free software that is available, the two main ones are Blogger and WordPress and I will always opt for WordPress. Here are my five reasons:

  1. WordPress just feels more professional. Even if you’re starting a blog for purely fun reasons, I feel like the layout of WP admin is a lot cleaner and more intuitive to use.
  2. There is a progression path. With Blogger, you can set up a free account and type away. You can purchase a custom domain if you want, but that seems to be the limit. On WP, you start with the free account, and if you get on with it, there is the option to take the host-it-yourself path which gives you unlimited choices in terms of themes, widgets and customisation.
  3. Themes. There are a million themes out there if you choose the DIY route, but even on the domain the selected few themes you can choose from are pretty nice. It’s easy to make them unique and individual by changing header pictures and tweaking the widgets. Blogger seems more limited in this sense.
  4. Comments. Trying to leave a comment on a Blogger site is sometimes more hassle than it’s worth. There are the crazy spam-blocker pictures, plus confusing options when it comes to identifying yourself. WordPress has the four standard text entry fields, so you always know where you are.
  5. WordPress is better. It just is.

Okay, so I ran out of reasons, but I will always recommend WP over Blogger. It’s a personal decision, though, and above all else, getting blogging is more important than your software of choice.

4 thoughts on “Blogger vs. WordPress

  1. Thanks Christine.

    Another reason why I think WordPress is better is that it seems that people can find your blog easier – I have noticed in my traffic that people have found me through google and also through the wordpress site itself (by tag searching and directory listings). I didn’t see this when I used blogger…

  2. I keep considering the change to WordPress (even getting as far as opening an account) but yes, it’s a personal decision and you stick with what you’re used to – and I was blogging before there was WordPress. I contribute to about 6 blogs now and they’re all on Blogger so I only need one ‘dashboard’. Also, not sure about the search thing, Gavin, what with Google owning Blogger!

  3. I am in a similar situation to fourstar. Kind of locked in to Blogger. 8 blogger blogs all in one place is kind of handy.

    But yes if you were starting afresh I’d probably say wordpress.

  4. I am in a similar situation to fourstar. Kind of locked in to Blogger. 8 blogger blogs all in one place is kind of handy.

    It’s pretty easy to export/import these days, and does handle multiple accounts.

    But it’s time and effort, and like fourstar says, you get used to what you use, don’t you?

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