Why to blog?

Don’t you just hate those blogs where people analyse what they’re doing to such a degree that they actually talk about little else? Well, I apologise in advance for this post, which is just a quick thought about why people blog. As far as I can tell there are three reasons, and these are quite general categories.

  1. To connect with people. You want to find people that are interested in the same things you are. You want to share links and sites that you find interesting. You want to start conversations.
  2. To learn about a subject. Blogging about a specific subject helps you to learn as you write, and share what you know.
  3. To practice writing. Whether it is non fiction, or creative writing, blogging is a great way to practice, and get in the habit of writing often.

As far as I can tell, this blog falls under the first category, and the now-defunct BBC blog fell under the second. I used to do a little of the third on my personal blog, but gave that up when I realised my creative writing just isn’t very good.

Am I missing any categories, though? I am not trying to stick labels on blogs, or stereotype people. I am just curious about motivation and writing, and how the two combine.

4 thoughts on “Why to blog?

  1. At it’s simplest level, an online diary?

    Recording how you felt about an event, however trivial, proves very interesting reading even just a few years later.

    Although obviously the fact that you are doing it in a public forum leads other people to believe that you want their opinion, so I guess that comes under 1) as well!

  2. Ah-ha. I had not thought of this one.

    But I suppose, if one did not want people to see it, there are many ways to keep a private journal either on- or off-line.

  3. I think writing about anything personal also helps you to sort it out in your own head as well if that makes any sense.

    Sometimes if you have thoughts whirling around in there, it’s not until you get them out onto paper or a computer screen that you can start to make sense of them.

    Of course, once you have you could just delete them instead of putting them on the internet for the world to see but by doing so you also invite other opinions which may also help.

    A blog also gives you somewhere to put over your opinion – sometimes when reading others thoughts on an event or situation, you think that it’s utter nonsense but have no means to set the record straight or vent your anger and frustration!

  4. Yeah, I have a number (20+) of posts which were written in the heat of the moment or after major events, which have never seen the light of day. They might, they might not. but they’re there for me (only) if I want them…

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