It means “very talkative”

There are a plethora of Twitter apps for mobile phones, and I know the iPhone is over-run with them. As a G1 user, the Android platform has less options, but there are a few worth looking at. The one I have settled on is Loquacious, which is actually a paid for app. It’s only a couple of dollars, though, so that didn’t put me off.


There’s a 14-day fully featured demo, and I can honestly say the one thing that really sold it for me is that when you type a tweet – there’s a character countdown!

I cannot explain how important this is, and I cannot tell you how many apps do not have this feature. You would think that developing an application around a service that requires you to write in just 140 characters, they would offer up a way of knowing how verbose you have been.

The interface is nice and clean, with decent colours, and there are a few other features that make it worthwhile. It’s very handy to be able to see the ‘in reply to’ messages as well as the ones in your current timeline. I use Twitter less since they ruined it recently, but the option to tweet on the go is still a very attractive proposition.

2 thoughts on “It means “very talkative”

  1. Ruined it recently?

    Mm, when they made the change so that you can’t see people you follow’s replies to people you don’t follow.

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