Le Mans – Qualifying

After the first session of qualifying, Audi were on pole, with our man Franck second. However, once the second session was complete, it was Peugeot all the way, with the #8 car on top at the hands of Stephane Sarrazin. #7 was third and #9 was fifth. Naturally, the Audi of McNish, Kristensen and Capello was second.

After the shock news that Franck had broken his leg, it was even more of a surprise to see him put the car on pole in the early stages of qualifying. The team maintain that they were concentrating on race setup for the most part, and it was only once they were happy their work was completed that they went for a time.

There is a great roundup of qualifying available here, and some wise words from Peugeot here. It looks as though Franck will be starting the race tomorrow, so make sure you stay tuned to find out how he gets on.

One thought on “Le Mans – Qualifying

  1. I was surprised that Peugeot left it so late before they did the time, however amazing driving from Franck with broken leg.

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