A musical interlude

We’re listening to Last.fm of a Saturday night, with the 80s tag plugged into the radio station option. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey comes on and we get about two seconds into it before Mr C says: “That’s the 4 chords.” We had to pause it, drop everything, and watch the video again, because there is nothing more amazing than this. I think I may have blogged it already, but it bears repeating.

With that, we were searching for more musical comedy moments, and remembered Torn from The Secret Policeman’s Ball.

And finally, that old classic with Bill Bailey and the BBC News Theme.

As it turns out, many of Bill Bailey’s musical moments are pure genius and we could waste an awful lot of time on YouTube browsing them. Are there any other great moments where comedy and music meet with humourous effect?

5 thoughts on “A musical interlude

  1. The first clip is appropriately named “The Axis of Awesome”! Couldn’t watch the second one as it’s one of those songs I detest because it’s always playing in the bunker where I park my bike at 5am 😦 The Bill Bailey one is genius though! 😀

  2. You should try and watch it, Gavin. You never know, it might rewrite the bad memories you have of the song, and every time you hear it, you could be smiling.

  3. I’d seen the latter two – and just watched them again because they are awesome! – but had never heard of the first. All of them are utter, utter genius. Gavin you really do need to see that video.

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