You’re a record breaker, a record maker

This episode of Rocketboom…

…points us to The Universal Record Database. I had not heard of such a thing until I watched the above, and now I am intrigued.

I guess the idea is to be much more open than the Guinness World Records, who have quite stringent ideas about what is and isn’t a feat worth recording. They do include such gems as Highest Jump into Water on a Bicycle and Largest Serving of Meatballs, but the people? They wanted more.

The URDB reaches a whole new level of absurdity, so that in reading the records, the only question that springs to mind is: why?

Here are some examples:

In fact, the list is endless, and you could get lost amongst the weirdness. In the Rocketboom video, Caitlin is excited because these are records she can actually beat. But… why would you bother when you can just make up your own bizarre record and become the title holder for it?

6 thoughts on “You’re a record breaker, a record maker

  1. Hi Christine.

    Thanks for writing about our site. URDB is built on a belief to never judge people’s record categories. What’s bizarre to one person may seem totally normal to the next.

    My partner Corey always uses the example of pole vaulting. When someone first ran with a stick, planted it into the ground and tried to fly over a hedge or wall, it probably seemed crazy. Decades later, however, it’s grown into an esteemed, world-class sport. We believe the types of categories people are inventing on our site have the same potential.

    Regarding the competition, we’re continually surprised to see which records people are eager to beat. At least a third of our submissions feature people beating records on the site. In fact, we just received a video submission today of a guy beating the M&M’s record you mention in your post. You just never know…

    All the best,

    Dan Rollman
    Co-Founder and President
    Universal Record Database

  2. That is very true, Dan, I hadn’t thought about it from the pole vaulting point of view. Even the records that I laugh at are entertaining anyway, so you’ll get no complaints from me!

    Thanks for commenting, and keep up the good work!

  3. Only 38 M&Ms in one minute? I can do that with no hands! The crispy ones are the easiest to ‘hoover’ but the mint flavoured ones are best for a pre-meeting snack.

  4. Only 38 M&Ms in one minute? I can do that with no hands!

    All you have to do is submit the video evidence and the record can be yours!

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