The Great Gardening Adventure – Week 1

The strawberries do not like their new home!


The other plants are all doing okay. I hesitate to say thriving, but they at least still look green rather than a sickly yellow.

My text message gardening advice service (my mother) said that assuming they are bedded in correctly, and I am keeping them well watered, there is little else one can do.

I intend to give them some more attention, perhaps even talking to them. I must try and coax them back to the land of the living, otherwise the strawberry dream will be over before it has even begun!

One thought on “The Great Gardening Adventure – Week 1

  1. aww that’s such a shame, we have way too many strawberries in our garden and they seem to crop up everywhere. Good news that the veggies seem to be doing well 🙂

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