Get control of the traffic

A while ago, I pointed out one of the few online flash games that grabbed my attention, which was no doubt due to it’s bright colours and crazy ideas.

I’ve found another one, and this redeems me as it is much more sensible: You have to control the flow of traffic. It sounds kinda dull, but it’s really quite fun – the game is called I Love Traffic, after all. The cars zoom past and you’re in control of one or more traffic lights. The only goal is to get the required number of cars through the traffic light checkpoint without causing an accident.


Some of the levels are easy, some are difficult, and some I’ve found are really just a matter of opening all the lights up to green and hoping for the best.

There are twenty levels and I’m stuck on the last one.

6 thoughts on “Get control of the traffic

  1. Thanks for that – it wasted twenty minutes or so!

    Very enjoyable, and a bit frustrating, but all 20 levels done now. My mouse moved 83 feet during the game apparently, who would have thought…

  2. My mouse moved 83 feet during the game apparently, who would have thought…

    Are polar bears really all left handed though? 🙂

  3. Does anyone else get more enjoyment than to cause an accident with this game after to have successed to the next level ? At level 11, I managed to have a 5 car pile-up with a police car, a two trailier semi, a semi-trailer and a school bus with a car for good measure. I have no idea what make the car was other than since it did not blow up after the rear-end collision, it could not have been a Ford Pinto !

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