I used to be indecisive

But now I’m not quite sure.

When lunchtime rolled around today, I couldn’t decide whether to go out and get something to eat, or just stay in and hibernate in the office. It’s always a tough decision, you know, but usually if I’m hungry enough, the answer is obvious.

Today I just couldn’t come to a conclusion, so I submitted my will to the interweb. I searched for a few, free, easy to use, decision making tools, and this is what I came up with.

The Universal Decision Maker


A bizarre horse race style conclusion, that takes it’s emphasis from flipping a coin about 50 times to see which way you should go. This one is really fun, you dream up the question in your head, hit the button and wait. Not great if you need an answer in an instant.

Link: http://www.sylloge.com/5k/entries/162/
Answer: YES.

The ZDA Decision Maker

This one is a bit more fancy, and the answer isn’t exactly a split yes or no. However, if you need some spiritual guidance, it’s pretty good. Not so good for lunch decisions though.

Link: http://www.jpb.com/creative/decider.php
Answer: Follow Your Heart Rather Than Your Mind

Fastest Decision Maker

If you’ve got more options than just yes or no or following your heart, then this decision maker is pretty handy. You get to type in your question and then up to five options. It just spits out one of your typed phrases at random, but that’s all you need.

Link: http://www.beventure.com/index
Answer: NO

Decision Assistant

The same idea as the above only a bit less elegant.

Link: http://decide.jg.org/
Answer: YES

So, it seemed as though the decision wasn’t really unanimous, and by the time I’d finished, I’d missed the opportunity to head out to lunch anyway.

7 thoughts on “I used to be indecisive

  1. Sounds like you could do with a Unazukin in your life!

    I bought the other-half one and our weekends run like clockwork now. No more “what shall we do today?” conundrums in the Dank-household!

  2. Knew it was a bad mistake when I asked ‘Should I go to the toilet’ at the ZDA one

    ‘Wait one day and see if you feel up to it’

  3. Where’s the original – Magic 8-Ball? I’d still use that in any moment of indecisiveness. 😀

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