Film Watch – Introduction

I do not watch enough films. I used to watch loads of films, usually when they came out in the cinema. But that was when I lived with my friend who loved movies, when I had more free time, and I had enough money to spend on seeing the same thing many times over.

I was put off going to the cinema because the nearest establishment to where I live is happy to spy on you with night vision goggles so you don’t pirate the film. Not impressed.

Then I started a podcast and that swallowed up whatever semblance of a life I thought I had.

However, I am starting to notice a worrying trend in the comments on People are shocked and horrified (well, you know, dismayed at least) at my lack of film knowledge, and I want to rectify that.

Starting now, I’m going to watch more films. This isn’t just an empty threat, because you’re all going to hear about it. I’m not a good movie reviewer, but throughout films I have questions and thoughts that I want to share, and hence the introduction of Film Watch. Essentially, this is a live blog of the film as I watch it (although posted after the event.)

I can’t imagine this will be of interest to anyone, but I figure it will be good to look back on them and see what I thought of certain movies as I watched.

I’m starting with iTunes 99p Film of the Week rental, which so far has thrown up Groundhog Day (watched last night, live blog soon), Ocean’s Eleven, The English Patient, and Guys and Dolls. This seems like an eclectic mix, which can only be a good thing. Plus, it’s only 99p, so I’m happy.

Look out for the first installment coming soon. Oh, and just because I’m using the Film of the Week at the moment, don’t expect these weekly! Also, please feel free to make suggestions for films I should watch. I will likely make a page and a list, and cross them off as they’re completed.

11 thoughts on “Film Watch – Introduction

  1. Excellent, looking forward to reading about them!

    For the list (not knowing what else you’ve seen):

    The Shawshank Redemption,
    The Usual Suspects,
    The Green Mile,

    Those should do for now..

  2. For the list (not knowing what else you’ve seen):

    I’ve seen half of those but added them all to the list.

    I’m learning that even films I’ve seen, I didn’t necessarily pay enough attention to understand completely, so rewatching is always an option!

  3. I’m just wondering how you live blog your movies? Do you stop it playing so you don’t miss anything? Watch it all the way through first and then make notes the second time around?

  4. I’m just wondering how you live blog your movies?

    For the first one, I basically watched and typed. I can multi-task, remember 🙂

    If it was a long thought in my head, I would pause it, but that didn’t happen often. Sometimes I would make a note that didn’t really mean anything so rewrote it once the film was finished but before the post was published.

  5. Grand Prix. You need to see Grand Prix, period. More passing at Monaco alone than last year’s entire season…. Plus you get to see Grand Prix Legends in their prime.

  6. Planet of the Apes, 1968 Version starring Charlton Heston. Hopefully the surprize ending has not been completly ruined for you yet…

  7. Planet of the Apes, 1968 Version starring Charlton Heston. Hopefully the surprize ending has not been completly ruined for you yet…

    Will add to the list. I do know the twist, but I don’t know what the film is about, why they are there, or what happens in between.

  8. Quite a different suggestion, How about “The Sting” with Paul Newman and Robert Redford, with the wonderful soundtrack of Scott Joplin ragtime music.

  9. I’m thrilled to discover that I’m not the only person with a “films to see” list. I’ve been working on my list(s) for about 5 years. They only ever grow longer. My method is to wait for my favourite critics to release their “best of the year” lists (usually around Oscar time). I start there. I only go to the theatre for 3-D, big-screen stuff. The living room is perfect for everything else. Enjoy!

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