A change is as good as a rest

Earlier this year, Buzz Out Loud co-host Molly Wood left the show as a permanent host in an attempt to balance her life a bit better. Natali Del Conte stepped in, and it was obvious this was going to get some people’s backs up.

I’ve been listening to the show for a long time, now, but I don’t feel any sense of entitlement to it. BOL does have a very strong community, but as a podcast from a big company, it’s understandable that people will come and go. I guess, as a podcaster, I know what goes on in the studio, and I know that things change. You have to be adaptable. Nothing good can come from pining over what used to be.

I figured it would take a while and the initial backlash would die down. However, it looks like it’s taking longer than expected. Natali has come in for some proper hate over her addition to the show, and has resorted to writing a well thought out article, that I wanted to highlight.

I think sometimes the internet forgets that there are real people out there behind the content.

As a listener, I can add my honest thoughts here and say I do miss Molly, but I appreciate what Natali brings to the show as well. It’s certainly a different dynamic, but that doesn’t mean the quality has dropped off. I hope Natali isn’t put off by the small minority of negative feedback she receives, because it’s not even slightly representative.

Change can be a really good thing. For all the fans who drop off, Buzz Out Loud may see more appear due to the new lineup. As an example, Rocketboom have found themselves a new host in the form of Caitlin Hill. I really enjoyed Joanne’s previous stuff, but was a bit turned off by how abstract the show had become. Now that there has been a change of personnel, I’m definitely going to return and have another look.

I would never have done so if things had stayed the same.

6 thoughts on “A change is as good as a rest

  1. I have never heard Buzz Out Loud but it is interesting that Leo Laporte made the same point about real people being involved in blogs podcasts earlier this week. I think it was Jason Calacanis who was on the show talking about some of the grief he had received and he has all but given up blogging and now circulates his opinions to an e-mail list of several thousand people.

    It is a real shame that the meat heads don’t understand the opportunity they have with modern technology and can’t think of anything better to do with it than slate people.

  2. I think it was Jason Calacanis who was on the show talking about some of the grief he had received and he has all but given up blogging and now circulates his opinions to an e-mail list of several thousand people.

    I think I heard about that too. Because it takes more effort for a hater to write an email reply so they might think twice.

  3. The show is better with Molly Wood. I don’t think Molly Wood would be as good as Natali on Loaded, it’s a different format.

    I think Molly Wood needs to return. As a daily listener to the show I thought Natali was great as a third host. She was a good fit for replacing Veronica Belmont. However Molly and Tom Merritt have great chemistry and Molly should return along with Natali.

    As a second note, a show with Natali and Molly would be fantastic.


  4. Well said Christine. Being a big fan of BOL myself since it started, it was really distressing when Molly left. The dynamic between Molly and Tom was the best. Two incredibly well informed geeks going at it every day, just catnip to a geek like me.

    Nothing lasts forever and Molly has moved on. Natali, who I was never that big a fan of as a third host stepped in. At Toms request I understand. I thought, that’s it, BOL is over. I shall pine and bite the pillow mourning what was the perfect podcast for me. And for a while it was like that. I cringed a little as Natali learned the ropes but gradually she started to find her voice and settle into the role.

    Today I really love Natali as a host. There is a good dynamic brewing between Natali and Tom and I love BOL all over again.

    My only concern now is that Natali is becoming so slick, that she will move onto bigger and better things. Will BOL become the proving ground for tomorrows tech stars? It certainly must be a heck of a difficult job to do and has to tone even the hardest geeks into stronger broadcasters.

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