Design Franck’s helmet

Just popped over to the official FKM site and saw this post that is asking for helmet designs.

Now that Franck is in the US, he fancies a change and wants some help redesigning his helmet, with the one stipulation that it has to reflect the colours already in place:

“The famous fuschia, white, gold, silver, black, playing on effects mat and shiny…”

Come on, now, it’s pink, and we all know it is.

Here are some more details:

You have until Thursday 30 April 2009, midnight to send your creations by mail (creation. Jpg format only) to or by mail at the following address: G18 – 798 
 Quai Carnot 92210 Saint Cloud – France .

Eh-hem. Is that an address for Franck???

Anyway, there’s a template download available at the bottom of the page here, so get drawing.

I’ve had a go at designing a helmet before, and needless to say, the results were not good. I will probably sit this one out, but if anyone does submit a design, I’d love to have a look!

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