The trilogy meter

From Dan Meth:

trilogymeterI love this. I don’t watch films extensively, but I have seen quite a few of the above. I think Back to the Future should be all blue, Jurassic Park should start higher, but The Matrix is dead on. What do you reckon?

2 thoughts on “The trilogy meter

  1. Indiana Jones: Last Crusade was better than Temple of Doom, not better than Raiders of the Lost Ark though.

    Die Hard: third one was better than the second!

    Terminator: the first is a classic and is as good as the second!

    The Matrix trilogy is definitely bang-on! The first one was absolutely amazing, probably helped by the fact I didn’t read any hype before watching it in the cinema. The second and third were just a load of ol’ gobbledegook and made very little sense.

  2. I liked Die Hard 2 better than 1, but haven’t seen the third. However, having watched the second one a couple of times, I’m pretty sure I can’t get in a plane again!!

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