The sky’s the limit

I’m not really a big gamer.

I’m obsessed with The Sims franchise, but have no time to play. I steer clear of driving games because I am beyond useless. Occasionally, we play games over on Sidepodcast and they are fun little flash games on the web. I am even worse at those.

However, I recently found a game I both love and am pretty good at. It’s called Skywire. You may have heard of it, I know it’s quite popular on Miniclip. I played it relentlessly for a couple of days. I’ve completed all but the last level on the original game and the sequel.


The idea is to guide a skycar across the wire, from the start to the finish, avoiding all the obstacles placed in your path. You’ve got three passengers, and one is knocked out of the car each time you slam into an object. If you get to the end with at least one passenger in the car, you’ve done well.

I thought I’d share it with you, in case anyone else is rubbish at games as well. Flash games tend to be very individual, and what appeals to one person is hideous to another. For this one, I can tell you the colours are purposely obnoxious, the music and effects are annoying, but you only need to press the up and down arrows to play. This is the kind of game I can get on board with.

6 thoughts on “The sky’s the limit

  1. I think whoever developed those games had a supply of some very effective drugs. Flying pandas were bad enough but peacocks that spontaneously spread their tales just as a triple decker pigeon poops on you is just wierd. Not to mention one of the passengers looks like Abraham Lincoln. Odd. Very odd.

  2. That’s really quiet addictive…

    Yes. I’ve pretty much given up now, with just those two final levels to go… but I’m secretly hoping another sequel is on the way!

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