Song writing isn’t that hard

I’ve just found this and had to share.

Utterly amazing. Aside from the fact it’s scary how many songs are alike, I’m very impressed with their ability to switch from one to the other. I’d just get carried away and at least finish the chorus of one song. How do they manage to control themselves to just do one line of each?

2 thoughts on “Song writing isn’t that hard

  1. I heard this on Radio One the other morning and it stopped me in my tracks and made me wish I could just write the lyrics to go with it! :/

  2. Brilliant! I’m completely unmusical (although I love music) and I find it mind-boggling and fascinating that so many songs share the same chord progression.

    My fave artist (Tom McRae) did a riff on this at a gig, segueing from Fall Out Boy via one of his songs into James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” – all using the same chords (you can find my video of it on youtube if you’re interested – Cali369)

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