An alarming anecdote

I use the alarm on my phone to wake up of a morning, so was happy to see how easy to use the G1 alarm clock was. I even got to choose a sound!

The first time I set it, at midnight, I thought it would be hilariously brilliant to choose the rooster alarm noise to wake up.

It wasn’t so funny in the morning.

Also, my boss has the rooster as his normal phone’s ring tone and it just brings back bad memories now. Oops.

4 thoughts on “An alarming anecdote

  1. I use my mobile phone’s alarm clock…
    I always think how great a song would sound to wake up to, put me in a good mood…
    No, it’s scares me so much it makes my heart race and I spend 5 minutes which should be snooze time trying to recover!!!

  2. Travis have this song which ends with the peeping of an alarm clock. It sent chills down my spine, I had to copy the record and delete the song.

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