Even though I consider myself to be somewhat “down with the kids”, I’ve got to say that txt speak and internet slang are starting to confuse me. I’m not above using the odd lol, omg or wtf, but it’s becoming a bit baffling.

Firstly, I want to point out a very useful site for fuddy-duddies like me: Internet Slang Dictionary. There’s a translator in there, if you come across some abbreviation/acronym you don’t understand, or you can simply look something up in the dictionary, if you so desire. There’s even a quiz, if that takes your fancy.

What I don’t understand is the point of something like “roflmiaha”. It means Rolling On The Floor Laughing Myself Into A Heart Attack. I have two questions.

  1. Who says that?
  2. What’s wrong with ‘haha’?

There are so many letters involved there that if I wanted to write it down, it would take me half an hour to figure out which were the first letters of each word and what order they should go in. It would be quicker to write the entire sentence.

Some of that dictionary is just stupid. ‘igrunt’ is slang for ‘ignorant’. I can’t imagine a situation where you would want to slang ignorant, but putting igrunt down instead surely wouldn’t have the same effect. It seems to reflect badly on yourself, rather than whoever you are labelling.

‘Ryte’ is slang for ‘right’. Why wouldn’t you just type right in the first place? It’s one extra key and one less thing your brain needs to translate. I’m not getting into the argument of txt speak butchering the English language right now, but I do find it odd that it has become cool to need a dictionary again.

6 thoughts on “IDK, WTHIGO?

  1. I reckon it’s all about ego – computery-types like speaking in all sorts of mumbo-jumbo language, specifically so someone eventually has to say “what does that mean?” and then they can look all smug as they explain it.

    I think internet/txt speak is the same – someone at some stage thought up lol, then came rofl as being something even funnier than lol-funny. It has now come to a head with people adding all sorts of letters as you described purely so people have to sit for an hour trying to work out what each letter stands for – only to more than likely get it wrong, enabling the smug sod to explain it to you!

  2. ummm, what does the title say?

    I wouldn’t mind knowing as well! 🙂

    With regards to spelling ‘right’, it can be annoying as the ‘g’, ‘h’ and ‘i’ letters are on the same button, so quickly entering that word can result in gobble-dy-gook.

    Predictive text is the one thing I can never get my head around. As far as I can tell, it takes just as many clicks because you have to cycle through words to get the right one, and half the words you use have to be entered into the dictionary beforehand anyway.

  3. ummm, what does the title say?

    Oh, come on, I provided a link to the dictionary!

    Okay, it’s: I Don’t Know, What the Hell is Going On?

    Ah, is this that smug feeling Craig was talking about? 😉

  4. I’ve been trying to make the term ‘generation SMS’ popular.

    As in ‘those with a vocabulary consisting of only 160 characters’

    It doesn’t really work these days with texts being as long as you like on most phones…

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