I never said I’d be cutting edge

I know I’m very late to the game about this, but I just wanted to say that Google Docs is actually rather cool.

I’ve just set up my very first co-ordination project for Librivox (as in, encouraging chapter submissions, rather than recording them) and I used Google Docs to host the text for each chapter. Being able to publish the document at the click of a mouse is amazing.

I haven’t used it much more than that, and I know you’re all way ahead of me, but I just wanted to add my two cents.

5 thoughts on “I never said I’d be cutting edge

  1. Google Docs are great! I have used them with my own students, for graduate class projects, and even when interviewing for a job once. It is such a great concept and with my students, it gets them interested in a writing project because it is a different format for them from the composition notebook or even a word processing document that they are used to. The interactive and collaborative features are fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing.

    ~Melissa 🙂


  2. Ah yes, the lovely googledocs. I generally copy my chapters out of the gutenberg text and paste them into a googledoc so I can see how close I am to the end 🙂

    It’s nice to know you’re doing things at LV again (or maybe you have been all along, and I didn’t notice) and it’s also nice to be subscribed to your new (new to me, anyway) blog!

  3. I’ve been doing some charts and things for our podcast and although there are some limitations (particularly on spreadsheets), the publish feature is just amazing!

    Re. Librivox. I took a break due to audio issues on my Vista laptop. My first post back, I wrote something like: I’ve been away for a while but I’m ready to dive straight back in.

    My other half said: What you mean is – I now have a Mac.


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