The key to keeping fit

It’s hula-hooping, right?

Who knew that hula-hooping was actually hard work? Okay, so you’ve probably guessed it: I am now the proud owner of a Wii Fit.

And it’s brilliant. At the moment, I’m still suffering the effects of a cold and wintry three-day stay in a tent, and can’t put the maximum effort into a routine.

However, from what I know already, it’s brilliant. I’m not entirely sure how it does it, but the Wii Board knows everything about me! It knows that I have poor balance, and even made a joke about falling over when I walk. This put other members of the household into hysterics, so already the Wii Fit has brought joy to our lives.

I’m thinking it may not be that way when I am bored of doing it every day, but for now, I love it.

3 thoughts on “The key to keeping fit

  1. It certainly is fun, but it’s so easy to get out of the habit of doing a little bit every day – as it is with any sort of exercise I suppose.

    Especially when you ultimately start to get good at the events, and it becomes harder to beat your previous efforts then the urge to have another attempt can diminish a little!

    Hopefully they will also release some sort of update packs with new exercises as well to keep things fresh.

    Personally, I’m rubbish at the hula-hooping and prefer the more manly rhythm boxing…

  2. I just unlocked the boxing today, and am not the best at that. Meanwhile, the hula-hooping is a breeze. Men aren’t designed to hula-hoop I believe.

    There seems to be a mild obsession in our house with the ski slalom.

  3. I would agree on the hula-hooping!

    Slalom is good, once you unlock the snowboarding slalom though it gets a whole lot trickier! Personally I like the ski-jumping better although I’m not sure how much fitness it’s meant to bring you…

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