Le Mans: Results

Franck did an amazing job. He started second, and at one point was driving so fast he could catch the leaders at four seconds a lap. He overtook the front runners to lead the race at one point, and then made the big mistake of handing the car over to Klien.

A couple of laps in, Klien through the car in the gravel.

Still, we have to be impressed that our guys managed to recover enough to finish third. Franck started and finished the race, and it was nice to see him on the podium.

Peugeot finished both second and third, but they will not be happy that Audi won the event again. The Audi dominance is starting to grate, and here’s hoping Peugeot try even harder next year. I didn’t realise Franck had participated in so many previous Le Mans races, but this is his best result to date. Fingers crossed he joins Peugeot again next year to try and knock Audi from the top spot. (Although my sleeping patterns are kind of hoping he doesn’t!!)

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  1. Hi! πŸ˜€

    Sry, must make a little correction πŸ˜‰
    This is not Franck’s best result @ Le Mans. πŸ˜‰
    He was 2nd in 2006 πŸ˜‰ with Pescarolo.
    He went to Le Mans this year to WIN, and he had the best chance ever. Unfortunately he was in the wrong car… He looked so disappointed on the podium 😦

    Peugeot made huge mistakes at Le Mans, starting with the fact, that they put Franck – who had 7 (now 8) Le Mans starts under his belt – into a car with 2 rookies who had zero experience. I know, there are no ifs and whens in motorsports, but I’m quite sure, Peugeot would have ended on the top of the podium, if they would have put Franck into the No. 7 car…

    The second mistake of Peugeot was, when they didn’t repair the broken headlight of the car on time (Klien apperently touched another car earlier and one of the headlights was damaged) and they had a stop&go penalty. But this was the smallest mistake…
    The race was nearly ruined for the No. 9, when Klien got stuck in the gravel. He was apperently forced off by another (lapped) car, while he was trying to overtake it, so it wasn’t only his fault.
    Then Peugeot made another mistake when it started to rain. Zonta was in the car at that stage, he enterted the pits and the team changed the slicks – but they didn’t change to full wet tyres, no! Zonta had to run one lap in heavy rain and then return to the pits for another tyre change – this time to full wet tyres…

    For some reason, I have had the feeling that this will happen, for months … 😦
    I knew it at the very moment, when the Peugeot driver-line-up was announced…

    I know, I should be happy, that Franck ended the race on the podium, and the race could have been much worse (like for Alex Wurz and his team in the No. 8 car). On the other hand… who knows whether he’ll have such a great chance to win once again… 😦
    A part of Franck’s Le Mans statistics:
    6th in 2002
    4th in 2005
    2nd in 2006

    well… it was a nice dream… πŸ™‚

    Franck did a stunning job at Le Mans, he put the No. 9 car first in front row and then in P1 during the race…

    We can only hope, that he can return to Le Mans next year with the best, fastest, most reliable and most competitive car and with the best, fastest and most reliable – and experienced – team-mates. And with a team that doesn’t make so many stupid mistakes…

    Let’s keep fingers crossed πŸ˜‰


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