Top ten pros and cons of the Mac

Top five reasons the Mac is winning me over

  1. Installing things is too easy.
  2. Flickr Uploader is a thousand times better than on a PC.
  3. The Mac has approved software lists.
  4. I’m starting to get used to (and like) the fact that things are open without having an actual window open. It took a long time, but now I’m adjusted, it’s a plus.
  5. I can make enhanced podcasts.

Top five reasons it isn’t

  1. Office 2008 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be on the Mac.
  2. The @ key is in a different place. I don’t care who is right or wrong, but some standards wouldn’t go amiss. Switching from Mac to PC is a real pain.
  3. There’s no hash key (why the hell not?)
  4. I have to reformat my iPod.
  5. I can’t find any decent personal finance software. I’m sticking with what I’ve got on the PC.

8 thoughts on “Top ten pros and cons of the Mac

  1. can i add to the ‘cons’ list:

    “leopard isn’t geared to handle wide-gamut displays properly”

    it doesn’t matter what that means, all that’s important is vista is better at something, and that sux 😦

  2. Agreed on all points.

    Although for me the list of Cons (which is same as yours although shorter… ) is easily outweighed by “how it feels to use a Mac”.

  3. Great summary. I converted a few months back and found the first few weeks a nightmare. But now, after getting used to everything, I have vowed to never return to a Windows-based system for personal computing.

    The @ key was weird for me at first (upon initial startup you have to enter an email address and I stumped for about five minutes), but now I actually prefer it because I realised I was sort of squeezing my right fingers to get at it. Having up on the left means I’m using both hands (right for the shift), but at least I’m not getting cramp anymore!

    As for the hash key, well editing a stylesheet caused a lot of swearing from me until I realised it is ALT+3. Although I still keep hitting the Command+3 which does something completely different, especially within a browser.

    I believe you can format the keyboard though, so moving things around isn’t too much of a pain if you know how. And just because I found this useful when I converted, here’s Apple’s keyboard shortcut list in case you haven’t bookmarked it yourself yet:

  4. Me – Vista does quite a few things really well. I do miss the preview tab thing in Aero, where you can see what’s going on in a window by hovering over the taskbar. Useful for watching loading bars without keep clicking on them.

    Gordon – You’re right. Using a Mac just makes is somehow inspiring, yet I can’t quite figure out why. I’ve only had it for maybe a month, and I’ve already created more stuff than in the past few. First thing I did was buy a book from iPhoto. Again, too easy. 🙂

    Ollie – Thank you, thank you, thank you, the shortcut list will be stuck on my wall just as soon as I can print it out!

  5. I’m a bit late to this party, but on all my very old and new keyboards (laptop and desktop keyboards made by Apple and Compaq), the @ symbol is shift-2 and the # symbol is shift-3. Australia versus UK maybe?

  6. I love mac but one thing that annoys me that NOTHING downloaded off the internet is compatible with it, you have to split the hardrive in half and install windows just so you can play a RPG..

  7. I use Macs, Windows and various Linux OS in about equal amounts. My own personal netbook uses Linux Mint KDE and I think it is the very best OS you can have, but for some software you have to use Windows. I still find incompatibilities between Macs and Windows. I am convinced that if you afford a Macbook it is the best overall package you can buy.

    One problem with Linux is that Open Office is rather clunky and lots of incompatibilities emerged between it and MS office. I ended up using Softmaker Office which is much better. Certainly I have had no problems using MS office between Macs and Windows.

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