A Montagny mention

Whilst the demise of Super Aguri is both sad and a seemingly interminable story, the highlight of reading the articles for me, is the odd mention of Franck.

He drove for SA briefly in 2006, replacing Yuji Ide and being replaced by Sakon Yamamoto. Montagny was third driver initially, and got the chance as the FIA believed Ide wasn’t necessarily experienced enough to be a full driver.

Franck raced for seven races, with the results:

Ret – Ret – 16 – 18 – Ret – Ret – 16

I like to think this is a reflection on the poor performance of Super Aguri at the time, rather than anything to do with the driver. Out of the three second drivers, to Takuma Sato’s number one status in the team, there were 11 retirements out of 18 races in 2006.

Oh well. Next time we hope he hits the headlines for happier news!

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  1. Hi,

    yes, it was a reflection of the car’s poor performance in Franck’s first two races: at the Nurburgring it was the hydraulics (as I can remember, his car caught fire, the engine cover was damaged and he had to race with a heavier car a week later, because the team didn’t have a spare light engine cover), in Barcelona (kind of a home race for Franck) it was the driveshaft… The first race where he saw the chequered flag was Monaco – he had a great fight with Tiago Monteiro who nearly pushed Franck off the track and into the barriers (there’s a short video about it on Youtube). He was 18th at the British GP, and then he had an engine issue in Canada.
    At Indy he was involved in the accident at the start (not his fault). The French GP was his last race, as Super Aguri gave the seat to Yamamoto (an all-japanese line-up was the most important for the team that year because of their sponsors).

    People like to forget that Franck raced with the old Arrows car at his races. And many people don’t know that Franck had to race with at least 10 kg more weight than Sato (which means a difference of a few tenths per lap).

    But this is the past. The sad present and future is, that Franck is not in F1 anymore – and he will never drive in F1 again… 😦
    We (his fans) haven’t heard of him for more than 2 months. I guess, he’s preparing for Le Mans (official test day this weekend!!!). Our only delight at the moment is his second place at Long Beach in April, his good performance in A1GP and the fact that he’s going to race with one of the best teams at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. (God, I wish I could be there!)
    Personally, my problem with this Le Mans event is that Franck is going to race with Klien and Zonta, two guys with zero Le Mans experience (!). Peugeot have 3 teams at Le Mans, all the guys in the other 2 teams have – partly immense – experience… Peugeot is such a great opportunity for Franck, but I’m afraid he won’t win at Le Mans this year… 😦 Unless a wonder happens… (2 years ago he was 2nd with Pescarolo)

    Well… All we can do is to keep our fingers crossed for him…



  2. Whilst you’re depressingly right that we won’t see him in F1 again, I hope he finds a drive somewhere.

    I have a Google News search set up in my RSS feed for “Montagny” and it’s not coming up with anything at the moment.

    That’s not good news.

    Still, like you say, let’s focus on Le Mans 🙂

  3. Hi Christine,

    if there’s anything new – articles, photos, etc. – it’s usually posted on the French forum of Franck’s official website 😉 (not only French stuff)
    Naturally, there are more French news than English, for translations I use freetranslations.com.
    You can find many news in French on a fansite dedicated to Franck (www.franck-montagny.net), they collect articles from the net, which mention Franck – even if the article itself is not about him.

    The two latest news:
    – the Peugeot drivers trained together in La Baule for the 24 Hours of Le Mans (http://www.endurance-info.com/article.php?sid=5648&mode=&order=0&thold=0)
    – the website automoto365 thinks, Franck would be a good replacement for Piquet jun. at Renault.
    They are right IMO, and their arguments are very good – more or less the same, that came into my mind couple of weeks ago…
    BUT… someone I know from a forum on the internet and writes for a Hungarian motorsport website told me, that she talked to Franck at Brands Hatch, and he said he won’t return to F1.
    To return for a few races wouldn’t make any sense, and to tell the truth, I doubt Renault would give him a race seat for – let’s say – 2 or 3 years. Every team wants to race with babies, and Franck’s not a baby anymore…

    For the time being, it seems that Franck wants to race in the USA…The problem is, he’s now a driver with a contract, but without car&race seat… 😦
    As for me, I’d like to see him in DTM or LMS or A1GP…



  4. I don’t think we’ll see Franck back in F1, which is sad, but I think the opportunity has gone now and the climate in the sport is different.

    But we’ll keep an eye on him and see where he ends up 🙂

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