Keeping one’s fingers crossed

As I mentioned briefly in the previous post about Franck’s successful outing at Long Beach, it looks like FKM had a confirmed Champ Car drive for 2009.

Before the race, he said:

It was disappointing to have a deal three weeks before the season, and then nothing. But we’ve kept very close with Forsythe and we have a very good relationship. Maybe there will be a chance to do IndyCar with them next year, I hope so.

As far as I know, Forsythe Racing don’t want to take part in IRL, do they? But, if Franck’s keeping the faith, then so am I.

3 thoughts on “Keeping one’s fingers crossed

  1. There are rumours, that Forsythe are looking at ALMS and maybe even the IRL in 2009. But these are only rumours…

    It seems to me that Franck signed a contract with the team for the 2008 season… But there’s nothing official about this… (Why don’t you ask Franck at Brands Hatch next weekend? 😉 )
    If he believes that he doesn’t have any chance to continue his career in Europe and/or if he decided to live in the USA, he’s only chance at the moment is to stay with Forsythe, I think… This second place at the Beach is a fantastic result, but I’m afraid, it’s not enough for a race seat, except if it’s at Forsythe Racing…

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