Franck’s Champ Car debut

It looks to me like Franck is going to debut and finish up his Champ Car career in one and the same race.

According to this story, Franck is one of 13 drivers confirmed to appear at the Grand Prix of Long Beach.

I was not aware of this, and I’m finding it hard to find out any more information. If anyone else knows more, let me know!

3 thoughts on “Franck’s Champ Car debut

  1. It’s highly likely. From what I understand the Long Beach race and the Indy Japan race were both booked before the merger.

    Indy can’t move the Japan race as it coincides with a big holiday in Japan and so the Indy races are off East (or is that West for US people??) and the ChampCar drivers are racing at Long Beach.

    As there was only 5 teams (I think) that went into the merger from ChampCar I suspect they need some more seats for Long Beach as a race with 10 cars would be a little dull.

    Both races will count towards the overall Indy title, so if he wins he could be up there for the IndyCar championship (assuming Penske, Andretti Green and Chip Ganassi’s cars fail to finish for the rest of the season!

  2. I have fantastic news!!!

    Franck will be racing for Team France in A1GP at this season’s last two races!


    See you


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