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I’ve just been looking at the official Franck Montagny site, and it’s a bit odd.

The news is in French, and I don’t speak the language, which makes things a little bit tricky. What I am confused about is the beginning and the end.

Beginning of news article:

Hot wheels,hell yea !!!!

Pas beaucoup de news ces derniers temps hein ??

End of news article:

Voilà vous en savez tout autant que moi !
Have fun

What’s with the snippets of English? I find this to be a bit mean, because I think I’m gonna be able to understand but I don’t.

Resolution #345: Must learn French.

2 thoughts on “The official site

  1. Hi Christine! 😀

    What a fantastic site you have here!!!

    I’m a fan of FkM, as well. It all started in 2005, when a friend of mine told me about him…

    There used to be an English site until last summer, when Franck changed his entire website (except for the forums). I still have most of the stuff from the old site…
    I started to learn French, as well – not because of Franck, but because of his fans! There’s a very nice little group of people on the French forum of the official website… 🙂

    I don’t know, why Franck has dropped the English site, but the English forum still exists, although the link to it is not on the site. I’m the only (more or less) active non-french member there, all the other girls who post are French and also members of the French forum. Please, feel free to join our English forum and post there. 😉

    As for Franck’s reports in French, I use, if I don’t understand something. 😉 The translations are not perfect, but useful.

    Have fun! 😉


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