TV of the future

I was going to write a post about the ITV player, and how it’s new and improved and could start rivalling the iPlayer.

But then Channel 4 released some shows onto iTunes and I forgot about everything else.

The most important thing to note is that I have now given up buying a TV Guide, and I’m relying on TV blogs to tell me what to watch, and I’m relying on the internet to allow me to watch it.

2 thoughts on “TV of the future

  1. Well, you’ve obviously not tried it. A slow motion (literally) train wreck.


    * Needs Micro$oft $ilverlight (why?)
    * Often plays multiple identical adverts and then stops.
    * If you are lucky, plays the first one or 2 segments of a show then stops.
    * No rewind, skip or pause (that works)
    * No tech support (always ignored)
    * Site almost never updated (check out ‘Sharpe – coming soon’ 8 months old!)
    * Only displays properly in IE, not Firefox or other browsers

    I have a degree in Computing – and have designed and built many websites: it is plain to me that this site has never been tested properly. It’s been lashed together for IE6 and that’s it. Oh, and the management have been conned by Micro$oft into using their streaming technology that *no-one* else uses.

    I’ve just completed the on-line survey they are poping up this week. Laughable. Designed by a monkey with one typewriter. Example: ‘which browser do you use?’ Gives choices of the major browsers but you can only select one. Idiots. Do they think we haven’t tried to get it working on more than one?

    I could go on. Oh. I already have.

    ITV: Hint – iPlayer Works. Channel 4 works. Scottish TV works. They use Flash Player. And they are properly written.

  2. All good points.

    Clearly, it was a year ago I wrote this, and at the time, it was so much improved from it’s previous iteration, I was bowled over.

    I don’t think I’ve looked at the ITV Catch Up service since this original post though.

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