In the gang

So, there he is, with his Peugeot Le Mans team buddies. Is it just me or is the goatee not necessarily the best look he’s ever had? He also looks a bit manic, what with the sticky up hair and the slightly menacing glare.

Nevertheless, he’s in the team and that’s all that matters.

4 thoughts on “In the gang

  1. no, it is not only you, the goat is not the best look he’s ever had πŸ™‚ … oh, but how would I know what is considered good looks on guys …

    impressive front row, who WAS who in F1 πŸ™‚

  2. I hope he doesn’t keep the goatee, because I’m generally quite fickle and if it’s a long term beard decision, then this site will be changing to “”


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