The BBC love i

First the iPlayer, and now iTunes.

Finally, the BBC have allowed their programmes to be on the iTunes store. It’s only a select few at the moment, and only one that I’m particularly interested in, but this is a revolutionary moment.

I understand that there are limitations and conflicts with the BBC’s charter – they can’t charge us for content when we pay our licence fee, can they? But I believe buying from iTunes is no different to buying a DVD and there are hundreds of BBC DVD titles to choose from.

I’ve heard that this may signal the end of the iPlayer, but I’m not sure it will. Being able to access content that has aired on television and you have missed should remain free. This is an age where “on-demand” is the way to go, but if you don’t want to keep the files, then a 7-day catch-up system works well.

If the iPlayer does disappear, I believe it will be because they are consolidating the idea with other channels – something that is apparently already in progress.

Combine your brand new BBC programmes with a brand new AppleTV Take II and you have something close to heaven.

I only wish there were enough hours in the day to actually watch the programmes as well.

2 thoughts on “The BBC love i

  1. bbc worldwide have put these shows up, so there’s no conflict. bbcw also make the dvd’s, which, as you point out sell for a healthy profit.

    if bbc (uk) start putting up their free time limited stuff, then iplayer will be history.

    incidentally the current shows appear to be DRM free, yipee.

  2. Some of the reviews on iTunes are saying: “Why do we have to pay…” etc.

    But they are obviously missing the bigger picture.

    BBC programmes are worth paying for twice, even though I don’t believe we are.

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