Blogathon 2006 (12 of 48): How can you be bored of them?

A colleague and I were discussing the Red Arrows – she was keen to see them, and I was saying it was a lot of effort.

She was a bit flabbergasted.

The thing is, you see, that we have already seen them twice this year, so far. We saw them at Goodwood, where they were fabulous, although a little lost behind the trees.

We also saw them at the Air Tattoo, which I don’t think I have mentioned, but we took plenty of pictures and you can look forward to those soon. At the Air Tattoo, they did a really long display and it was absolutely amazing.

My colleague said she could never be bored of the Red Arrows.

I agree. But I am sort of under the impression that they can’t really beat that last display we saw. Not at the moment anyway. And I wouldn’t want to make the effort to go and see them and then be disappointed.