Blogathon 2006 (10 of 48): Soap opera dreams

Last weekend, I had to catch up with all the television that I had recorded whilst we were on holiday and the recovering week.

I basically spent all afternoon watching different dramas. I was busy doing other things at the same time, so it’s not like I wasted an afternoon or anything, but it was a lot of television.

So many different stories appeared on the screen, that they started to merge together.

When I fell asleep, later that night, I actually dreamed a soap opera. People were falling in and out of love, having affairs, and of course, trying to blow up the village with a chocolate bar.

Because, you know, drama is all about the unexpected.

It’s weird, though, isn’t it, how what you experience during the day affects what you dream of at night? When I go to the zoo, I dream of penguins, when I play too many computer games, I dream that I am in them. When I watch too much TV, I dream of blowing up villages with explosive Mars Bars. What can I say?