Opinion matters

I was reading one of the websites on my RSS feed list, and came across this question. Which is your favourite Tom Hanks movie?

At first, I thought the answer was obvious – Cast Away. But then, when I thought about it a little bit more, there are so many others. Obviously, Forrest Gump, and I am a little bit partial to You’ve Got Mail, which although a weird film, is very loveable.

And then I asked Mr C and he said he liked Big. I’d forgotten about Big!! And The Money Pit! I love that film. And The Terminal.

When you actually take a closer look, Tom Hanks has made so many different movies and so many good ones. (Granted, he is responsible for the worst film ever – Road To Perdition – but you can’t be a genius all the time).

I expect every single person has seen at least one Tom Hanks film, he has been so versatile and played so many different types.

I read the original question four days ago and I still can’t decide! What do you think?