I know my soap

Me: What’s that smell?
Dad: What?
Me: It’s really strong, fragrance, soap, something like that?
Dad: Oh, yes, it’s probably that candle shop.
Me: No… it smells like Lush.
Dad: Never heard of it.
Me: It’s a really cool soap shop. They make handmade soaps and shampoos and things in big blocks and you can go in and just grab a chunk. Like the cheese counter, only not edible.
Dad: Oh, I don’t think we have one of those.

We turn around and are confronted with the front door to Lush with a giant sign outside it.

Me: Huh.

So, I took my dad inside the shop and he was impressed with the giant wheels of soap they create and he couldn’t get over the shampoo being a block, as opposed to a squeezy bottle.