Great minds think alike

Today I found this website. It struck me as familiar.

I’m not surprised that someone else out there had the same idea as I did (to be fair, they thought of it first, having archives dating back to 2001), the only difference being that I allow myself an extra word. What I was surprised to see was that we have the same tagline. “No More, No Less, Every Day”.

I’ve never seen this website before today (okay, I did see it yesterday and am only writing about it today, but you get the point) and I wouldn’t have copied it from them if I had. Whilst I know there are copyright laws out there protecting us all, I have always maintained that if you put something on the internet you’ve got to be alright with someone else using it – there’s not that much you can do to stop them. It’s only words and pictures after all. I may have “borrowed” pictures from people before but I draw the line at actually stealing someone’s idea. So, how bizarre is it that some people in New York came up with an idea and two years later I had the exact same thought?