The biggest limousine company in the UK

We recently attended Autosport International. When we were tired out and the light was fading fast, we exited the NEC and headed round the front to take some pictures (my batteries died at that exact point which was frustrating – but considering the amount of Coulthard pictures that we took, wasn’t surprising). There was a limo parked out front without a clue as to who it might have been waiting for. I snapped a couple of shots, and Mr C was telling me which pictures I should take, when I spotted a man in a grey suit with a burger, heading in our direction.

Needless to say, it was the driver and I was quite embarrassed that I was taking pictures of his limo, but he was very encouraging and said I could take as many as I wanted. I use the word encouraging, when really I mean patronising, as he actually said “I guess you must not see many limos where you come from?” Where does he think we live? Antarctica?

We told him where we live and he thought about it.

“I’m the owner of the biggest limo company in the UK and I think there’s only one limo hire where you come from.”

“Oh, really?” Mr C was intrigued. “Where are you based? How many limos have you got?”

“We’re based in Shropshire and we have three limos.”

We blinked.

“How come you’re driving if you’re the owner?”

“Oh, well, the other guys are all busy.”

All two of them! There was some more small talk about turnover and which is the busiest month (July, would you believe?), and then we walked away, stifling laughter.

This man thinks he has the biggest company in the UK, when even a cursory glance at Gooooooogle throws up this one which has seven limos plus other cars. Bless him for the sales pitch and I know he thought we were village idiots from the sticks, however he needs to try and be believable. But hey, if you’re ever in the Shropshire area and you need a limo, check him out – he was very nice!