Just too soon

I really thought this post wouldn’t happen for quite some time. It’s inevitable every year, but I thought I still had a few weeks left, at least.

Doing the shopping today, I was surprised to find Halloween goodies decorating the entrance to the store. Orange and black was the main theme throughout and I suddenly realised that yes, it is October already. Pushing my trolley through the wonderland, with children getting excited over face paint, dangling skeletons and witchy broomsticks, parents trying to hurry them on while secretly enjoying their enthusiasm, and older children pretending not to be interested, I was about to reminisce over a time when I thought Halloween was a marvellous treat. But then the shade of orange turned noticeably red, the pumpkins and fancy dress outfits disappeared and I was confronted with Christmas Cards, wrapping paper and a Santa Hat. What is wrong with this country?

On a completely different subject, has anyone else noticed the slight overkill of Sky adverts? On the television on Channel 4 and ITV at every single opportunity – between children’s TV, soaps, music TV and dramas – they must be spending a fortune. I passed a moving billboard today, and Sky had bought all three sides of it. They should be slightly concerned, however, as the first few adverts were intriguing, but now I just ignore them. If you advertise too much, people become tolerant to the adverts and pay little or no attention. It’s a fine line.